3 tip of the week

Avene Thermal Spring Water Avene Thermal Spring Water

Okey, I know this week just started but I will share my 3 tip of this week with you anyway. Couple weeks ago I saw this product on youtube. I cant remember witch channel but I think it was Vogues. Someone was recommending it and I thought I should try. Ive been using Avene cold cream for many years now. Not really on regular basis, most in wintertime when my skin is really dry. So my thought was its worth a try. I started with a purchase of the small bottle just to see how my face would react since I have such a sensitive skin. I brought it with my on our latest trip to Istanbul, I use it on the flight for the first time just to keep my face hydrated during the flight. I was surprised, I loved it and so did my face. I felt so soft and my skin did not breakout. I used it in the morning when I washed my face and didn’t need any moisturizing cream after. During the day I would use it whenever I felt I needed some refreshment. A small amount goes long way so be careful otherwise you will look oily.

I repurchase a big bottle when I got back home from our trip and I use it now on daily. I would definitely recommend you to try this. Start with a small bottle and see how you skin reacts. The other thing with this product is the good price. The big bottle cost around 100sek which is around 8 dollars. You can find in most pharmacy but the price is even better online.

Im well known for being totally obsessed with my nails. I love to color them (everyday if I can) and I take care of them as much as I can. But stupid me one day (around 3 months ago) decided to get them fixed and have gel polish. I was on my way home when I saw a nail salon and had this brilliant idea I would go there and just do it right away. I think I had gel like 3 times before and I remember I liked how it was done but never done it since then cuz I like to color them myself. Anyway, it was done so bad, the polish was so thick my nails underneath was hurting. I don’t think I realized how ugly they were until I saw a picture of them 2 days after. Im not kidding when I say they were like 0.5cm thick if not more. I felt so trashy. I was hiding my hands. So I decided to get them removed. I looked up a good nail studio and the girl there said she never saw anything like that. She was really kind and hone (is that the right name) them down. But this time she hone them so much that I almost did not have any nail left. I have never experienced a pain like that before. I couldn’t sleep during the night since the pain was so high. I could defiantly not paint my nails since they were so fragile, every movement hurt. For couple of weeks I thought my nails would never repar again I would never be able to paint them again. My life was over!

I did some research and read that TRIND Nail Repair had some really good reviews. I went to the store desperate and got me one. Ive been using it 2.5 month now and I can say that it changed my life. My nails are slowly getting their life back. They are getting thicker, more glossier, longer and overall they start to look and feel healthy again. This nail repair did really help me and I’ve been using it as a nail polish as well since I think it looks good.

Buy or read more in the link below.

Trind Nail Repair


Kullaberg National Park, Sweden. Sometimes I forget how beautiful Sweden truly is. Maybe because I leaved here my hole life that I don’t longer see the beauty or at least don’t appreciate it as much now when I’m older and travel more. What a shame! On Saturday we decided to make a little trip to Kullaberg.

Kullaberg is a national park in Skåne with breathtaking view of steep cliffs rising from the sea and rocky outcrops. Its so peaceful and beautiful. If you ever pass by north western Skåne you have to visit it. Don’t forget to bring a picnic basket with you and take comfortable shoes.



Andréa & Frederik 

Homemade face scrub


I find it very difficult to find face scrubs that I like and most important a scrub my skin likes. I been trying out many different kinds but I usually go back to my own homemade, I find this easy scrub works really good for me. I don’t get any breakouts and my face don’t get dry which usually is my problem when exfoliating. This scrub is so easy to make and you only need two ingredients and an empty can (I usually use some small empty can I have from a moisturizing cream). This scrub I use only for my face, for my body I have another that is more gruff.


You need:

1 spoon coconut oil

1 spoon bicarbonate soda

Mix it all together in a clean can and start exfoliating 🙂

I hope you will try this out and it will work for you too.







Everyone that knows me also know that I’m a real face mask junkie. I love to try out new face mask and I also love to make my own homemade mask. After years of experience I learned that my own homemade usually works best for me. I also learned that the price doesn’t have to be high for a good mask. My favorites are usually made in Korea, I think Korean people are one of the best in the world when it comes to skincare.

Anyway, when I was at the airport last time I was in London I felt my skin really needed a hydration boost (after my birthday weekend). I walked to Boots and I saw Soap & Glory, my first thought was I liked the package of these products, very retro. I look at the price and got surprised, the price wasn’t high at all so my thought was “will this really be useful?”. They had 3 for 2 so as I started to look after a face mask I read the mask was made in Korea and I thought this is worth a try. I picked 2 face mask and cleansing wipes totally I think I payed less then 15£.

On the airplane I had all three seats for myself, this was a perfect time for me to get comfortable. I removed my makeup with my new wipes and put on one of the masks… Wow, I felt how it was cooling down my face at the same time it was a burning and tickling feeling (in a good way). I think I had the mask on for 40 minutes on the description it says 15-20 minutes but the sheet mask was still so wet that I decided I wanted keep it on for longer. Best of all is when you remove the mask  you don’t have to wash it off you just let it dry.

Couple days ago I tried my second mask and it was as good as the first one. I felt I got the hydration and the glow I was looking for so I was very pleased. I will for sure buy some new products from Soap & Glow to try out next time i found them.


Here are the cleansing wipes I also bought that I like very much. Even if I only use wipes when I’m in bad hurry or Im too tired to do my nighttime skincare routine. Guess I’ve been tired often since I’m have two wipes left 😉





5 beauty/skincare products I always keep in my bag



We all have some beauty/skincare products we always carry in our bag. These are my 5 products I keep in my everyday bag..Without them I feel totally lost.

  1. Rituals MIRACLE WIPS – I usually don’t clean my face with wipes but sometimes these MIRACLE Wipes really come in handy.  They are so gentle on my skin. https://www.rituals.com/sv-se/miracle-wipes—travel-1101571.html#start=1
  2. MAC PREP+PRIME FIX+ Mist is really refreshing on my dry face. Love to bring this little fella on the plane with me. http://www.maccosmetics.dk/product/shaded/177/32212/products/hudpleje/solutions/prep-prime-fix/index.tmpl
  3. NUXE rece de miel lip stick. This moisturizing lip stick/balm is so soft and has a nice smell of honey. https://www.cocopanda.dk/product/3021129/nuxe-reve-de-miel-lip-moisturizing-stick-4-g
  4. Ole Henriksen ultimate lift eye gel roll on – I guess that no-one has missed out on this little miracle, but if you have then you HAVE to buy it. I love all of Ole Henriksen products but this little thing makes my puffiness under my eyes disappear in seconds. https://www.lookfantastic.com/ole-henriksen-ultimate-cooling-eye-gel-roll-on-15g/10599455.html
  5. MAYBELLINE The Eraser Eye concealer – Ok, lets put it like this I have all different kind of concealers in my makeup bag but I always go back to this one. For everyday this concealer is perfect and it cost like…. nothing. Awesome! https://nelly.com/se/kläder-för-kvinnor/skönhet/makeup/maybelline-new-york-2162/age-rewind-concealer-53536-0127/

Girls, don’t forget to save some space in your bag for your favorite products, because we never know when we need to refresh ourselves;)