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Kitchen & Table, Helsingborg


On Friday night we decided we would go to one of our favorites restaurant in Helsingborg – Kitchen & Table. When we first started dating we would visit this restaurant probably two times a week, but to be honest we haven’t been there for more then a year, it was time for us to go back.

This restaurant is placed in the middle of the city and I can’t honestly say we have not loved the food every time but there is something about the restaurant we really like, maybe is because we have some good memories from there I don’t know. This time the food was delicious, they had changed the menu since last time me were there. And I could get enought even if I wasn’t that hungry I simply could not stop eating.


He is acting like he dont know Im taking a picture


This pasta was so delicious


Frederik had a burger, very good as well. 


What a good choice of T-shirt (I ordered pasta just to take this picture 😉


I felt this desert looked better than it tasted, maybe I was so full I did dont enjoy it as I normally would do. I will give it another try next time.


They do not skimp on the gin, you get what you pay for. 

I would definitely recommend you to go here if you are in Helsingborg. They have a new gin bar so if you don’t want to eat but you still like gin you should definitely visit this place.


Frederik & Andréa 


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