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Homemade face scrub


I find it very difficult to find face scrubs that I like and most important a scrub my skin likes. I been trying out many different kinds but I usually go back to my own homemade, I find this easy scrub works really good for me. I don’t get any breakouts and my face don’t get dry which usually is my problem when exfoliating. This scrub is so easy to make and you only need two ingredients and an empty can (I usually use some small empty can I have from a moisturizing cream). This scrub I use only for my face, for my body I have another that is more gruff.


You need:

1 spoon coconut oil

1 spoon bicarbonate soda

Mix it all together in a clean can and start exfoliating 🙂

I hope you will try this out and it will work for you too.




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