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I got the honor to meet the very humble and cool Daniel Foss last week. He is the brain behind the brand, Daniel is very talented and I liked all the glasses he showed me. While I was there I took the opportunity to ask him some questions.

f350950e-2a6f-4e3f-a0b7-fe9059247587-2Can you please tell me the story behind and where you got your inspiration from?

My story begins with a mentor who has had a huge impact on my career. Erik, a kind and generous soul and a unique of the very rare, had his optician’s shop, Salling C, on the Nørrebro’s roundabout in Copenhagen. With the artistically ornate windows surrounded by French-style shop facade, the store was an absolute favourite throughout the city. Erik was personally interested in his many customers, ranging from the CEO to the farmer. This gifted and elegant second generation optician led the customers on a guided adventure tour through the store. The first stop was a savvy sight test, and after that, in close interaction with the customer, a targeted and stubborn hunt for the perfect spectacle was initiated. It was Erik’s greatest delight to see the customer go out in the world with clarity and new gained optimism.

I met Erik at the very right time in my life, and we started together, a very exciting journey through the outer rim of the spectacles universe. Exactly where everything can be done!
With my 11 years of optician experience, I wish to continue Erik’s personal customer care and the sharp focus of this craft. 2018 was the start of an exciting journey for me. Take a trip into the unlimited universe of the glasses.
What can offer? offers frames and prescription lenses, I can also bring new life for your own favourite set. We can also change your sunglasses to ordinary glasses and vice versa. As found on instagram, Vintage by Foss I can help with your flea-market vintage finds, which I repair, customise and shine up the frames and of course, all at affordable prices. Recently, we have received 300 vintage pieces available for customising. The beauty of this processes is that I only have one of each frame, for a truly unique find.
I hope you find some glasses you like at

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