Saint-Paul-de-Vence weekend getaway

La Colombe d’Or – Saint Paul de Vence



Colombe d’Or is a world famous  hotel and restaurant located in beautiful little village Saint Paul de Vence. This place is so historical and beautiful I don’t even think I can describe it but I will try.

We did not say at the hotel but we got the chance to have dinner one night at the beautiful restaurant. Since I love art this was a like a dream come true. It can be very difficult to get a table for dinner in summertime and since we only stayed for couple of days Frederik told me we couldn’t get a table it was all full booked. I was so disappointed. I honestly did not care about the food I just wanted to see the art since I have been reading about and I was so excited. But Frederik lied, he had booked a table for us and just wanted surprise me. We got a table outside in the beautiful garden and everything was just perfect it was so many beautiful details  and faraway from being rigid, just how I like it. The meny was handwritten in french with lots of colors and even if I don’t understand french and specially not when its handwritten I did not care. My thought was everything here must be good. And it was! Expensive but delicious and worth every penny.



On his way to the restaurant just acting cool






Veggie basked our favorite 


I can’t even describe this -Heaven


Picasso (!!!)



I had to take a break and get myself together this was way to exciting for me





“No, Im not leaving I want to stay here forever!”


I have been looking for this book so long and I knew they sold it at the restaurant but I wasn’t sure if they still had it. So when we got to our table this book was there. Frederik knew how much I wanted it and he wanted to surprise me AGAIN. Can you guess how happy I was? Believe it or not but I was crying and I still love this book and I take good care of it. Is not too expensive but good things don’t have to be expensive to be loved 🙂 

If you ever have the opportunity to come here please do. You don’t have to eat dinner you can have lunch just make sure to book. If you would like to know more about this lovely place visit: la-colombe-dor History or read this article from:  T-magazine NY times


Frederik & Andréa 


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