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Everyone that knows me also know that I’m a real face mask junkie. I love to try out new face mask and I also love to make my own homemade mask. After years of experience I learned that my own homemade usually works best for me. I also learned that the price doesn’t have to be high for a good mask. My favorites are usually made in Korea, I think Korean people are one of the best in the world when it comes to skincare.

Anyway, when I was at the airport last time I was in London I felt my skin really needed a hydration boost (after my birthday weekend). I walked to Boots and I saw Soap & Glory, my first thought was I liked the package of these products, very retro. I look at the price and got surprised, the price wasn’t high at all so my thought was “will this really be useful?”. They had 3 for 2 so as I started to look after a face mask I read the mask was made in Korea and I thought this is worth a try. I picked 2 face mask and cleansing wipes totally I think I payed less then 15£.

On the airplane I had all three seats for myself, this was a perfect time for me to get comfortable. I removed my makeup with my new wipes and put on one of the masks… Wow, I felt how it was cooling down my face at the same time it was a burning and tickling feeling (in a good way). I think I had the mask on for 40 minutes on the description it says 15-20 minutes but the sheet mask was still so wet that I decided I wanted keep it on for longer. Best of all is when you remove the mask  you don’t have to wash it off you just let it dry.

Couple days ago I tried my second mask and it was as good as the first one. I felt I got the hydration and the glow I was looking for so I was very pleased. I will for sure buy some new products from Soap & Glow to try out next time i found them.


Here are the cleansing wipes I also bought that I like very much. Even if I only use wipes when I’m in bad hurry or Im too tired to do my nighttime skincare routine. Guess I’ve been tired often since I’m have two wipes left 😉






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