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Delicious and healthy chocolate balls


It feels like I’m only writing about food these days but I just had to share this delicious recipe with you. Im really trying to stay away from sweets and I find it so difficult since I love chocolate, ice-cream, cakes and everything else that don’t help me lose any calories. I love to bake (hate to cook) so when I find a recipe like this that is easy and more healthy then my regular chocolate balls with butter and sugar I feel like I already lost some weight 😉

4 tbs cocoa powder
200 g fresh dates (around 20-25)
10 tbs coconut oil
1 dl coffee
1/2 dl coconut flakes
7 dl oatmeal

Around 2 dl coconut flakes

Add the dates (without the “heart”), coconut oil, cocoa and coffee in a bowl  and mix it with a mixer to a smooth cream. Pour the oatmeal and the coconut flakes and mix with a spoon. Roll to balls and the topping you prefer, I like coconut and chose it here.

Done and ready to eat!




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