Birthday weekend in London

Fifty Shades Freed



We got the chance to see Fifty Shades Freed premiere at Imperial in Copenhagen couple of days ago. I was so excited, can’t say Frederik was as excited as I was. He haven’t seen any of the other movies and didn’t even know what the move was about or the name of the movie.

To be honest I’m not the biggest fan of the previous two movies, I think I was quite disappointed after the first movie and thats because the books were so much better (as they usually are). I feel it has become more of an Fifty Shades -tradition now, if you have seen the two first movies of course you have to see the third as well.

Well, I can tell you that a lot happened in the third and last Fifty Shades, but nothing really unexpected, we have already seen that they get married and what happens (usually) after you get married….. (?)

Is not the act Im looking for in Fifty Shades, for me is this unreal, exciting, over the top world they live in that I want to be a part of (just for 1 hour and 45 minutes). Luxury apartments, fast cars, airplanes, designer clothes, jewelry that makes Kim Kardashians wedding ring almost look cheap. Thats what I like & want to see and I can tell you that Grey and Anastasia did not disappoint me this time either.

I give Fifty Shades Freed 3 stars… Just because Im kind.

When I ask Frederik what he thought about the movie he said: “Its something between American Psycho and James Bond” (?)



Frederik & Andréa



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