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Who are you? -Frederik Fetterlein

Frederik Fetterlein – If you are from Denmark then you probably already heard about Frederik, but if your not then here comes a short brief of who he is.

Frederik is most know as former professional tennis player. But to be honest it was a wile ago he stoped playing tennis. Since then he has been doing pretty much everything from modeling, tv shows, movies you name it. He was also well known as being an party animal, this was before he met me (Andréa 😉


01ASU16E; FREDERIK FETTERLEIN Danish Tennis Player Seen at the 1995 Wimbledon Tennis Championships COMPULSORY CREDIT: UPPA/Photoshot Photo UGL 009803/M-28 28.06.1995

Back in the days…


I wonder what he is doing here, cuz I’m pretty sure he can’t sing…?!

Frederik is born and raised in Denmark, but he moved to Monaco when he was 16 then he moved to London..and Paris..and back to Monaco…and to be honest I can’t remember the rest, think he lost me when he was telling me this cuz it never ended.

Anyway, Frederik has two children Sean who lives in Barcelona and Toby who lives in London. Its a bit sad because he can’t see them all the time, but it works quite good since he visit them a lot and they come to visit him whenever they have school breaks.


Toby on the left side and Sean in the middle


Another thing you may not know about Frederik is that he LOVES to travel all over the world, and to be honest I never met anyone who has visit so many places around the world. He loves staying at hotels (not all kind of hotels, he never let me book any hotel), he loves laying in the sun. Guess you think who dosent love that? and true most of us do love it, but he can lay in 600 degrees for 12 hours. Its insane!


Kube Hotel Saint- Tropez summer 2017


Frederik in his right element. Tahiti beach Saint-Tropez summer 2017


Frederik & Andréa Marbella, Spain summer 2016


Frederik & Andréa 



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