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Istanbul Part 1

This time we decided to visit Istanbul in Turkey and our expetations were high. Frederik has been there before but never really explored the city as we did this time. We wanted to do everything the “Turkish way” so we stayed at the Pera Palace Hotel Jumeirah, this hotel holds the title of “the oldest European hotel of Turkey”. Pera Palace is a historic special category hotel and museum hotel located in the Beyoglu (Pera). We stayed for six days so we had plenty of time to see everything we wanted.


The lobby


Frederik with a book, guess is the first book he holds in his hands 😉 He is not a big reader.


Interior on point. How beautiful is this? 


The bar at the hotel. We could sit here for hours and just admire all the details.


Take your seat I will serve you tea in a moment..



Another thing that we got so excited about was this elevator. The first elevator in Turkey. It was build only three years after the elevator in Eiffel Tower which means that this is the second elevator in Europe. 


Frederik was more excited then he looks. When the guest checks in at the hotel they get to take this elevator up to the room. 


Our room –  It was a little bit bigger than it looks, but hey who cares we didn’t spend much time there anyway. Thats the difference between me and Frederik. I don’t care about the size of hotel rooms as long its clean and fresh. While Frederik always wants big rooms as if he is staying there for the rest of his life. 


This was the view from our room and the moment we realized how big city Istanbul is.

Since we arrived so late in Istanbul we got to hurry to find a restaurant to have dinner before it closed. After dinner we got back to the hotel for some sleep before we could wake up and explore the city.

To be continued, Istanbul Part 2 is coming up very soon.



Frederik & Andréa







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