Delicious and healthy chocolate balls


It feels like I’m only writing about food these days but I just had to share this delicious recipe with you. Im really trying to stay away from sweets and I find it so difficult since I love chocolate, ice-cream, cakes and everything else that don’t help me lose any calories. I love to bake (hate to cook) so when I find a recipe like this that is easy and more healthy then my regular chocolate balls with butter and sugar I feel like I already lost some weight 😉

4 tbs cocoa powder
200 g fresh dates (around 20-25)
10 tbs coconut oil
1 dl coffee
1/2 dl coconut flakes
7 dl oatmeal

Around 2 dl coconut flakes

Add the dates (without the “heart”), coconut oil, cocoa and coffee in a bowl  and mix it with a mixer to a smooth cream. Pour the oatmeal and the coconut flakes and mix with a spoon. Roll to balls and the topping you prefer, I like coconut and chose it here.

Done and ready to eat!




Café Nöa´h Copenhagen



We have a favorite local café/restaurant close where we live and this place has been our hangout spot for couple of months now. The name of our “hygge” place is Café Nöah and its located at Islands Brygge, Copenhagen. This place is so cosy and the food is Yummy! We actually spent 3 days straight there last week, thats how much we like it. We always feel so welcome and everyone who works there is kind and friendly. Im obsessed with the veggie burger and ate it two days in row.. So if you go there my tip is to try the veggie burger.





Frederik & the owner of Café Nöa´h became friends… and wine partners 


They have pretty much everything so if you don’t feel like having dinner there you can have a cup of coffee, wine, drink or order one of their delicious smoothies.

We love having brunch here on the weekends. Its very tasty you get everything; eggs, bacon, fruit, juice… you name it. If you plan to go there for brunch I would recommend you to book a table since its almost full booked every weekend.

Just a little tip if you are looking for a new place to visit with very tasty food and drinks without it being to fancy or expensive  🙂

What have we been up to?

Ever since we came home from London we had so much to do. Frederik didn’t come back home with me instead he took another flight from London to Barcelona so he could spend some time with Sean. Then he came home for 3 days before he had to go back to London again.

So what have we been up to? Beside all the traveling Sean had his birthday, we got to see Fifty Shades Freed, we went to see Gulddreng final concert at Royal Arena and of course we got to spend Valentines Day together.



Gulddreng last concert at Royal Arena. 

We will miss you Gulddreng not only are you so talented but you become a very good friend of mine during these last years. I wish you the best and can’t wait to see what the future holds for you. Im sure its going to be damn GOOD.  

– Love Fred


Seans 10th birthday party. Nice cake, right?




Valentines Day gifts

Frederik is so good with gifts and being sweet even on regular days, you can say he is much more romantic then me. I’m just not the romantic type of girl, but I did wrote him a card and bought him Rituals candle (his favorite) guess I’m a good girlfriend after all 😉



One night we met up with some friends at beautiful Nimb Hotel for some drinks



Frederik & Andréa 


Fifty Shades Freed



We got the chance to see Fifty Shades Freed premiere at Imperial in Copenhagen couple of days ago. I was so excited, can’t say Frederik was as excited as I was. He haven’t seen any of the other movies and didn’t even know what the move was about or the name of the movie.

To be honest I’m not the biggest fan of the previous two movies, I think I was quite disappointed after the first movie and thats because the books were so much better (as they usually are). I feel it has become more of an Fifty Shades -tradition now, if you have seen the two first movies of course you have to see the third as well.

Well, I can tell you that a lot happened in the third and last Fifty Shades, but nothing really unexpected, we have already seen that they get married and what happens (usually) after you get married….. (?)

Is not the act Im looking for in Fifty Shades, for me is this unreal, exciting, over the top world they live in that I want to be a part of (just for 1 hour and 45 minutes). Luxury apartments, fast cars, airplanes, designer clothes, jewelry that makes Kim Kardashians wedding ring almost look cheap. Thats what I like & want to see and I can tell you that Grey and Anastasia did not disappoint me this time either.

I give Fifty Shades Freed 3 stars… Just because Im kind.

When I ask Frederik what he thought about the movie he said: “Its something between American Psycho and James Bond” (?)



Frederik & Andréa


Birthday weekend in London


View from Jumeirah Carlton Tower

Since Frederik was in London and had some meetings that took longer then he expected he couldn’t come to Denmark/Sweden before my birthday. Im not a birthday kind of girl and don’t really care about my own birthday, but for Frederik it was a big deal so I flew to London early on Thursday. We both love London and spend a lot of time there. Its just so easy to get there, people are so kind, restaurants are so good and somehow it feels like coming home.

We stayed at the Jumeirah Carlton Tower that Frederik wrote about in previous post. He was so right, the view from the hotel was magical! Of course we were not the only one staying at the hotel, we met some celebrities, politician, movie producers.. you name it.



Lunch at Harvey Nichols rooftop


Just enjoying my fries 


The Lanesborough


Favorite place to have tea and pancakes. Yummy!



Frederik doing his catwalk after a swim


Late night snack at The Berkeley Hotel – Blue Bar. Best club sandwich we ever tried and the most expensive one as well :/


We had my birthday dinner at Novikov. By far the best Italian restaurant in London.




Green tea brûlée. MY GOD, this was delicious!


Sharing is caring! I had a great birthday with lovely people. I felt so blessed. 


Breakfast with a view 


No doubt, we enjoyed London once again.


Frederik & Andréa 


Good morning from London


GOOD MORNING – Just checking in to say Hi. Right now Im in beautiful London I have some meetings today and after that I will do some workout, spa and later some shopping. Sounds like a though day right? This time Im staying at Jumeirah Carlton Tower and my room has a really nice view. This hotel has a great location and the spa at the hotel is amazing. I will show you later.

Now I have to eat my breakfast before it gets cold. I’m not a breakfast person but eggs and salmons I like.




5 beauty/skincare products I always keep in my bag



We all have some beauty/skincare products we always carry in our bag. These are my 5 products I keep in my everyday bag..Without them I feel totally lost.

  1. Rituals MIRACLE WIPS – I usually don’t clean my face with wipes but sometimes these MIRACLE Wipes really come in handy.  They are so gentle on my skin.—travel-1101571.html#start=1
  2. MAC PREP+PRIME FIX+ Mist is really refreshing on my dry face. Love to bring this little fella on the plane with me.
  3. NUXE rece de miel lip stick. This moisturizing lip stick/balm is so soft and has a nice smell of honey.
  4. Ole Henriksen ultimate lift eye gel roll on – I guess that no-one has missed out on this little miracle, but if you have then you HAVE to buy it. I love all of Ole Henriksen products but this little thing makes my puffiness under my eyes disappear in seconds.
  5. MAYBELLINE The Eraser Eye concealer – Ok, lets put it like this I have all different kind of concealers in my makeup bag but I always go back to this one. For everyday this concealer is perfect and it cost like…. nothing. Awesome!äder-för-kvinnor/skönhet/makeup/maybelline-new-york-2162/age-rewind-concealer-53536-0127/

Girls, don’t forget to save some space in your bag for your favorite products, because we never know when we need to refresh ourselves;)



Istanbul part 2

As I mentioned in my previous “Istanbul part 1” post we wanted to do everything “Turkish way”, but lets be real it can be pretty tuff to do everything Turkish way when you don’t even know what Turkish people do. So, we did what we all do; we googled. And what we found out that Turkish people don’t considered you to be a real Turkish (turk?) if you never done hamam bath. This sounded perfect of course we wanted to try this out. We booked a hamam bath/spa kind of package at the AYASOFYA Hurrem Sultan Hamami.

So we packed our backpack (thank God backpacks are back in fashion) and took a cab to the hamam. It took us just seconds to realize that we were in a middle of a tourist area. On the left side we had the famous Sultan Ahmed Mosque and on our right side we had Hagia Sophia also a well known mosque.

As we walk in to the hamam (girls separated from boys) and I’m staring to fill in the formula if you are allergic, pregnant, on your period and so on, I noticed the price was much higher then what we were told over the phone. I called Frederik and I was like “I will never pay this much money to have a shower buy a random women (no disrespect but I know I can get this much cheeper somewhere else). Do you know how much shopping I can do in Istanbul with this much money?” And I could hear on Frederik voice he was sooo embarrassed on my behalf. But I finally got him to realize I wasn’t negotiable so it wasn’t much to do but thank the girls at the reception and get out of there asap. Ooops.

And there we were in our comfy clothes, backpack no makeup (me) with 1000 tourists around us and a Frederik who wasn’t so happy he didn’t got his hamam. Anyway, we decided we could at least see the Sultan Ahmed Mosque also well known as the Blue Mosque. Neither of us had ever been in a mosque before and I was so glad we got to see it. It was beautiful!!! So historical and peaceful it felt like stepping into a different world for a minute.


Frederik looks more happy then he was. I just think he should thank me since I just saved him quite a lot of money 😉


Sultan Ahmed Mosque (The Blue Mosque)


Im wering Frederiks scarf since women are not allowed to show their hair.


Inside. Beautiful, right?

After we decided we would try to find a local bar somewhere where we could have a drink. After walking for like 1.5 hour we finally found something we liked (read I liked, but Frederik liked it also. I just don’t think he really knew what to expect). It was a local reggae bar….




I obviously felt I was at the right spot 


Drugs are illegal!

The upcoming days we did some shopping, ate, had dinners, drinks, did some more shopping, and of course we made some bargain at famous Grand Bazaar, ate a little bit more because the food was sooo good! AND we got to try out hamam bath, Finally!


We found this amazing restaurant called GUNEY just by Galata tower. The food, the wine, the staff, everything was great. We can highly recommend this place. 


Tea time at Grand Bazaar



Turkish breakfast




We had this amazing dinner at the restaurant Chilai in Bebek. The restaurant has the most amazing view, great food, good music and everyone who worked there was so kind. But with all of that comes also a much higher price 😉



After dinner we took a private boat from the restaurant to our hotel and we got to explore the famous Bosphorus sea channel buy night. Lovely!


Frederik all relax after his hamam bath he’s been waiting for the hole trip. 

This hamam was really nice and cheep (around 100dkk). But, we did have a small accident, Frederik discovered five minutes later he had forgotten his Gucci scarf at the hamam. We went back but the staff had already burned the scarf as they do with all lost items. Weird but true. Question is if we really saved any money since we had to buy a new one 🙂

We had such a good time in Istanbul. What we were most surprised of was how kind, helpful and friendly people were. It wont be long until we visit Istanbul again.


Frederik & Andréa


Pomp & CO.

I received some really nice products from Pomp & CO which I’m excited to try out some more. I like the look of these products they look more expensive then they actually are. The brand has everything from shampoo, fragrance, hair cream, beard & stubble balm and so much more. I been trying out the hair cream and I like the texture and beside that it smells so good. I also like that they have all the products in different sizes, big, medium and small, good when you travel a lot. More brands should have travel size.

I will try out the rest of the products and give my full review if I like them, but I have a feeling this will be my new favorite hair brand.


I will try out the rest of the products and give my full review if I like them, but I have a good feeling I found my new favorite hair brand.


If you would like to know some more about the brand please check out their site below:


Who doesn’t want to smell good?






(Btw, this is not a sponsored or payed post)


Istanbul Part 1

This time we decided to visit Istanbul in Turkey and our expetations were high. Frederik has been there before but never really explored the city as we did this time. We wanted to do everything the “Turkish way” so we stayed at the Pera Palace Hotel Jumeirah, this hotel holds the title of “the oldest European hotel of Turkey”. Pera Palace is a historic special category hotel and museum hotel located in the Beyoglu (Pera). We stayed for six days so we had plenty of time to see everything we wanted.


The lobby


Frederik with a book, guess is the first book he holds in his hands 😉 He is not a big reader.


Interior on point. How beautiful is this? 


The bar at the hotel. We could sit here for hours and just admire all the details.


Take your seat I will serve you tea in a moment..



Another thing that we got so excited about was this elevator. The first elevator in Turkey. It was build only three years after the elevator in Eiffel Tower which means that this is the second elevator in Europe. 


Frederik was more excited then he looks. When the guest checks in at the hotel they get to take this elevator up to the room. 


Our room –  It was a little bit bigger than it looks, but hey who cares we didn’t spend much time there anyway. Thats the difference between me and Frederik. I don’t care about the size of hotel rooms as long its clean and fresh. While Frederik always wants big rooms as if he is staying there for the rest of his life. 


This was the view from our room and the moment we realized how big city Istanbul is.

Since we arrived so late in Istanbul we got to hurry to find a restaurant to have dinner before it closed. After dinner we got back to the hotel for some sleep before we could wake up and explore the city.

To be continued, Istanbul Part 2 is coming up very soon.



Frederik & Andréa






25 Questions – Andréa Tolic

 Since I’m new to this blogging world and not as public as Frederik is I thought I would do 25 question about me


1. Full namne:  Andréa Tolic

2. Where are you from? I’m from Helsingborg, Sweden. But my parents are from Croatia.

3. How old are you? 28

4. Do you have kids? No

5. What are your hobbies? Read books, work out, travel, drink green tea and paint my nails.

6. Movie night at home or a night out? MOVIE NIGHT AT HOME, hate to go out!

7.  Favorite color? Black

8. Tea or coffee? Tea, I don’t drink coffee. I really hate the smell of coffee.

9. Favorite book? Confession of a sociopath.

10. Favorite holiday destination? This question is hard to answer since I fall in love in new destinations all the time. But Croatia is so close to my heart and I always feel home when I go there.

11. Describe yourself in a singel sentence? Competitive.

12. If you could give your younger self any advice what would that be? Don’t compare yourself with anyone and enjoy wile your are young. Its not that fun to be an adult.

13. The first thing you do when you wake up? Pray and then wash my face.

14. What is that one item you can’t leave home without? My phone

15. What is your favorite way to pass time? Workout or read a book.

16. What languages do you speak? Swedish, Croatian, English, Danish and a little bit of Spanish.

17. What are your favorite tv shows? Honestly, I never watch tv so I don’t have any.

18. What makes you happy? When I see someone I love happy, that makes me happy.

19. Do you like or dislike surprises? Disklike, I don’t like when someone surprises me since I like to have control over everything.

20. What is the worst gift you ever received? Hello Kitty Makeup bag!!! Seriously? (I was like 25 years old).

21. What would you sing a Karaoke night? KIDD – Fetterlein. Haha, kidding. I have a really bad voice so I don’t think anyone would like to hear me sing.

22. 3 Things that annoy me easily? Loud chewing (I can’t stand it!), people that are late all the time and people that talks about money all the time. So rude!

23. When did you and Frederik meet? We met back in 2014 in Copenhagen and couple of months later we started dating.

24. What do you like about Frederik the most? He is so funny and he has a really kind heart.

25. Night person or a morning person? Morning person, I’m so bad to stay up late at nights. My eyes just won’t let me.


There you go guys. Hope you got to know me a little bit better now 🙂




Who are you? -Frederik Fetterlein

Frederik Fetterlein – If you are from Denmark then you probably already heard about Frederik, but if your not then here comes a short brief of who he is.

Frederik is most know as former professional tennis player. But to be honest it was a wile ago he stoped playing tennis. Since then he has been doing pretty much everything from modeling, tv shows, movies you name it. He was also well known as being an party animal, this was before he met me (Andréa 😉


01ASU16E; FREDERIK FETTERLEIN Danish Tennis Player Seen at the 1995 Wimbledon Tennis Championships COMPULSORY CREDIT: UPPA/Photoshot Photo UGL 009803/M-28 28.06.1995

Back in the days…


I wonder what he is doing here, cuz I’m pretty sure he can’t sing…?!

Frederik is born and raised in Denmark, but he moved to Monaco when he was 16 then he moved to London..and Paris..and back to Monaco…and to be honest I can’t remember the rest, think he lost me when he was telling me this cuz it never ended.

Anyway, Frederik has two children Sean who lives in Barcelona and Toby who lives in London. Its a bit sad because he can’t see them all the time, but it works quite good since he visit them a lot and they come to visit him whenever they have school breaks.


Toby on the left side and Sean in the middle


Another thing you may not know about Frederik is that he LOVES to travel all over the world, and to be honest I never met anyone who has visit so many places around the world. He loves staying at hotels (not all kind of hotels, he never let me book any hotel), he loves laying in the sun. Guess you think who dosent love that? and true most of us do love it, but he can lay in 600 degrees for 12 hours. Its insane!


Kube Hotel Saint- Tropez summer 2017


Frederik in his right element. Tahiti beach Saint-Tropez summer 2017


Frederik & Andréa Marbella, Spain summer 2016


Frederik & Andréa