Something new – Balmain



Just like “everyone” else I have my T-shit period right now. Im in love with all kind of T-shirts with logo, print, embroidery you name it. I honestly don’t want to wear anything else. I always loved wearing t-shirt because I find them to be so versatile – you can dress it up with nice jewelry or just leave them as they are and go with the “relaxed-look”.  I had my eyes on Balmain T-shirt for a wile now and finally I took the step to buy it. I chose the black one with gold print and gold bottons. I LOVE it. It fits perfect and I hope I will wear it a lot, even if I find it stupid to spend that much money on a t-shirt.



img_4871  Nice, right? 




Art by Klein


Jan Klein

Jan Klein is a danish artist I’ve been knowing for couple of years now. I adore everything he is doing and for years, his art has hung on our walls. When I saw this beautiful chair he had created I fell in love. How can something be so beautiful (?) Its the perfect art piece we needed in our home, and now we have it. I can honestly say I can look at it and I feel happy, I know it sound kind of crazy but I guess thats what art should bring you, HAPPINESS.


Another piece of art by Jan Klein in our home

Check out his instagram @artbyklein if you would like to see more of his art.




Easter weekend in pictures


Tivoli, Copenhagen

We hope you all had a lovely Easter with your loved ones. We had a great Easter with a lot going on and I told Frederik I was so happy we pulled us together and got to be very productive and not only hang around the house without doing anything special. So we tried to stay outside most of the holiday. We visit Tivoli, took long walks, had dinner with Frederiks parents, did some workout and believe it or not we went to church.


I got a lovely Easter gift from Frederik. Chocolate, flowers, Rituals, Ole Henriksen and candy. So sweet!


Yummy brunch, Österbro, Copenhagen


Tivoli, Copenhagen



He does not like heights 




 Dinner at Café Nöa´h, Copenhagen


While I did my nails Frederik got pedicure 


We ended this Easter holiday with a dinner at MASH together with Frederiks parents


Frederik & Andréa


Kitchen & Table, Helsingborg


On Friday night we decided we would go to one of our favorites restaurant in Helsingborg – Kitchen & Table. When we first started dating we would visit this restaurant probably two times a week, but to be honest we haven’t been there for more then a year, it was time for us to go back.

This restaurant is placed in the middle of the city and I can’t honestly say we have not loved the food every time but there is something about the restaurant we really like, maybe is because we have some good memories from there I don’t know. This time the food was delicious, they had changed the menu since last time me were there. And I could get enought even if I wasn’t that hungry I simply could not stop eating.


He is acting like he dont know Im taking a picture


This pasta was so delicious


Frederik had a burger, very good as well. 


What a good choice of T-shirt (I ordered pasta just to take this picture 😉


I felt this desert looked better than it tasted, maybe I was so full I did dont enjoy it as I normally would do. I will give it another try next time.


They do not skimp on the gin, you get what you pay for. 

I would definitely recommend you to go here if you are in Helsingborg. They have a new gin bar so if you don’t want to eat but you still like gin you should definitely visit this place.


Frederik & Andréa 


Frederiks 4 favorites items



Here are the four items I wear the most right now. Im a huge fan of Balmain and if I could I would only wear Balmain, unfortunately thats not possible. Since I travel a lot I have so much use of my backpack from Louis Vuitton and my B&O headphones. These headphones are seriously the best ever, if you are looking for new headphones try out these you wont regret your purchase.