Silver is better than nothing


We are so proud of you #VATRENI


So, the World Cup 2018 is now over and Croatia lost against France in the final. Im so sad but happy at the same time that our small country Croatia got this far and won the second place. I think they showed many people that everything is possible when you believe in yourself and have the right attitude. Well done boys!! You truly stole our heart and I can say I will never ever forget this World Cup. Congratulations to France who did a great job as well.

I have to say I really think its good for me that the World Cup has ended because I was starting to get little bit obsessed. I been watching all the games (I did miss one actually), and its been tuff to keep up with everything else in life.

What have been going on the last week? -We been celebrating Frederiks since he had his birthday 11 July (the day Croatia was playing against England, don’t worry I did not miss that) We been working a lot on two new projects we have going on which I’m very excited about. I cant tell you anything quite yet, but I sure will very soon. Other then that I hurt my knee very bad so I cant walk right now, hopefully it will get better soon because we have a trip this coming up later this week.

I will soon check in again with a big post of our latest trip to Italy.



Andréa & Frederik



Marbella June 2018

As I mentioned in previous blog post we spent one week in Marbella or actually our apartment was in Benahvis were we spent my brothers 30 birthday. We rented the most beautiful apartment with mountain view on one side and sea view on the other. This week flew by so fast and it was just so relaxing.  I think I wore makeup two times during this hole tripp, and it was just what I needed – to be ugly and not even care about it. We spent a lot of time in our calm area and our apartment since it was 10 minutes away from Puerto Banus and all the madness. hanging by the pool, playing football, exploring, walking around, eating, shopping, barbecuing, drinking sangria and had late night conversations. I was just so happy to have all the people I love the most with me.

This week was just about my brother and what he wanted to do. He got so spoiled with attention and gifts – I think he will remember this week for the rest of his life (at least we hope he will).

Prepare yourself for many pictures 🙂



Love this place and this resturant 

Thank you for this time Marbella /The crew + mamatolic


Frederik & Andréa 


I need my days to be longer

…or do I just need to be more productive?

Good morning buy the way – Long time no see.

Its been I while since we been blogging and I can honestly say I have been missing it (ok, cant say I was a big blogger before). But I miss to write and share some things with you.

So much has happened over the last few months. And I just had really hard time to find some timeoff to sit down and write it all down. Its not easy when you have a full-time job, you need to workout, clean, do the laundry and everything else you need to do to make your daily life work, but thats no excuse. Anyway, we been to Marbella, Spain for one week. My lovely brother was turning 30 years and we surprised him with a trip to Marbella. Then we got home for one week before we flew to Venice for couple of days and then to Milan for 4 days before we got back home. Frederik was home for 3 days before he flew to Barcelona. Hard to keep up right?

I have so many pictures I want to share with you and I will try to do it tonight after the game. Im so exited; Croatia – Denmark, who do you think will win? I really hope Croatia wins but I know Frederik wont be happy if that happens. 🙂

Enjoy your Saturday


 Andréa & Frederik 



Something new – Balmain



Just like “everyone” else I have my T-shit period right now. Im in love with all kind of T-shirts with logo, print, embroidery you name it. I honestly don’t want to wear anything else. I always loved wearing t-shirt because I find them to be so versatile – you can dress it up with nice jewelry or just leave them as they are and go with the “relaxed-look”.  I had my eyes on Balmain T-shirt for a wile now and finally I took the step to buy it. I chose the black one with gold print and gold bottons. I LOVE it. It fits perfect and I hope I will wear it a lot, even if I find it stupid to spend that much money on a t-shirt.



img_4871  Nice, right? 




Art by Klein


Jan Klein

Jan Klein is a danish artist I’ve been knowing for couple of years now. I adore everything he is doing and for years, his art has hung on our walls. When I saw this beautiful chair he had created I fell in love. How can something be so beautiful (?) Its the perfect art piece we needed in our home, and now we have it. I can honestly say I can look at it and I feel happy, I know it sound kind of crazy but I guess thats what art should bring you, HAPPINESS.


Another piece of art by Jan Klein in our home

Check out his instagram @artbyklein if you would like to see more of his art.